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Cloudera Tumbles

Cloudera was a great place to work. I had lots of fun there, and Clouderans are the best people. So I’m genuinely sorry to see the company run into trouble. Last week, Cloudera delivered its first post-merger earnings report. A bloodbath ensued: Cloudera Inc. was swimming in downgrades on Thursday morning as analysts digested the company’s weak outlook as well

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Cloudera and Hortonworks just announced a merger. You ask: how does the merger affect the machine learning marketplace? My answer: not at all. Neither Cloudera nor Hortonworks competes in machine learning. Yes, I’m aware. Cloudera and Hortonworks see themselves as part of the machine learning value chain. You can’t do machine learning without data. You need a few other things, too. But

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Forrester’s 2018 PAML “Waves”

Forrester just published two “Wave” reports for predictive analytics and machine learning. The first, covering “multi-modal” solutions, is available here for free. A second report, covering notebook-based solutions, is available here (registration required.) Forrester plans to publish a third report, covering automated machine learning vendors, in 2019. Kudos to Forrester for understanding the diversity of the data science tools market.

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