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Vendor Roundup: July 2018

Hi. I’m not dead yet. Just on hiatus from writing due to the demands of my day job. Thought I’d restart this vendor news roundup, on a monthly cadence. Hard news about vendors in the AI/ML/DL space: product enhancements, major reference customers, major partnerships, acquisitions, and funding rounds. No planted articles. Press releases stripped of hype. Amazon Machine Learning Announces

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More Notes on SAS

Last week’s post on SAS provoked numerous comments on this blog, and over on Hacker News. Here are some excerpts. I’ve edited for length and grammar. Feel free to read the originals. SAS employee Scott Mongeau writes: Journeying through the vast graveyard of open source vanity projects I come in on as a mop-up-agent on in any given month, one

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Notes on a Watson FAIL

A little over a year ago, on February 17, 2017, the Houston Chronicle reported that the University of Texas’ MD Anderson Cancer Center had halted an AI project for cancer diagnostics. The story revealed that MD Anderson spent $62 million over four years to build a system called the Oncology Expert Advisor (OEA), based on IBM Watson. As envisioned by its champions,

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How GDPR Affects Data Science

Adapted from a post originally published on the Cloudera VISION Blog. If your organization collects data about citizens of the European Union (EU), you probably already know about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR defines and strengthens data protection for consumers and harmonizes data security rules within the EU. The European Parliament approved the measure on April 27, 2016.

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