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Big Analytics Roundup (September 28, 2015)

Strata+Hadoop World NYC is upon us.  Andrew Brust opines that there will be three themes at Strata this year: (1) Spark “versus” Hadoop; (2) streaming goes mainstream; (3) data governance matters.  My take: “Spark versus Hadoop” is controversy for the sake of people who like controversy.  Spark works with Hadoop, and Spark works with other platforms, or by itself.  Use

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Spark is Too Big to Fail

Reacting to growing interest in Apache Spark, there is a developing contrarian meme: David Ramel asks: are Spark and Hadoop friends or foes? Jack Vaughan compares Spark to the PDP-11, dismisses it as “just processing.” Doug Henschen praises Spark, pans Databricks Nicole Laskowski complains that Spark Summit East “felt like a Databricks show.” Andrew Oliver thinks Spark needs to grow up Andrew

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