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Big Analytics Roundup (March 21, 2016)

Minimal hard news this week, but some interesting survey results, analysis, articles, explainers and perspectives. — On his personal blog, Will Kurt describes Bayesian reasoning in the Twilight Zone. I tried to learn Bayesian reasoning a few years ago, but it conflicted with my prior beliefs. — Stack Overflow shares results from its 2016 Developer Survey. (h/t Thomas Ott) Key bits:

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Big Analytics Roundup (July 6, 2015)

If you’re wondering about the picture, it’s a 1958 Edsel Roundup. In an O’Reilly video, mad scientist Paco Nathan introduces advanced math for business people. The team at startup.ml launches a newsfeed called Deep Learning News, which aggregates blog posts, articles and other related content.  VentureBeat writes it up. In an excellent roundup on LinkedIn Pulse, PayPal’s Anil Madan captures 100

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