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Big Analytics Roundup (September 19, 2016)

Many thanks to Australia’s Dez Blanchfield for his contributions to this roundup. We set out to create a special “Australia/APAC” edition; however, most of the stories have a global interest: chips are chips and deep learning is deep learning wherever you live. We did find this story, profiling a Tasmanian oyster farm that uses Microsoft’s IoT hub. Well, that’s embarrassing. MapR’s

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What Is Driving Interest in Agile Analytics?

Part three in a four-part series. A combination of market forces and technical innovation drive interest in Agile methods for analytics: Clients require more timely and actionable analytics Data warehouses have reduced latency in the data used by predictive models Innovation directly impacts the analytic workflow itself Business requirements for analytics are changing rapidly, and clients demand predictive analytics that

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