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O’Reilly Data Science Survey 2015

O’Reilly releases its 2015 Data Science Salary Survey.  The report, authored by John King and Roger Magoulas summarizes results from an ongoing web survey.  The 2015 survey includes responses from “over 600” participants, down from the “over 800” tabulated in 2014. The authors note that the survey includes self-selected respondents from the O’Reilly audience and may not generalize to the

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Spark Updates

Here is a quick roundup of some recent Apache Spark news. (1) Databricks and Typesafe released results from a survey of 2,136 individuals (mostly developers).  Some key findings: 13% of respondents run Spark in production, 20% plan to use Spark in 2015 Most say they expect to use the 82% Spark core to replace MapReduce 88% say they use the Scala API

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