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Big Analytics Roundup (May 31, 2016)

Google’s TPU announcement on May 18 continues to reverberate in the tech press. In Forbes, HPC expert Karl Freund dissects Google’s announcement, suggesting that Google is indulging in a bit of hocus-pocus to promote its managed services.  Freund believes that TPUs are actually used for inference and not for model training; in other words, they replace CPUs rather than GPUs. Read

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Big Analytics Roundup (August 24, 2015)

Lots of Mesos news this week (thanks to MesosCon in Seattle), including reports that Microsoft wants to acquire Mesosphere. Rashid Jamal surveys the battle space for the next generation big data analysis framework.  Good overview of how some of the top projects and vendors are positioning themselves. On LinkedIn, Bernard Marr reports on the “top ten” Hadoop distributions, including Cloudera,

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