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What’s Next for SAS?

First, some background. — SAS is a privately held company.  Founder and CEO Jim Goodnight owns a controlling interest. — Goodnight is 71 years old. — Goodnight’s children are not engaged in management of the business. Within the next few years, SAS faces a dual transition of management and ownership.   This should be a concern for customers and prospective

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Quick News Hits

With SAS Global Forum coming up next week, I expect my Google Tracker to start pinging as SAS’ PR team gets to work.  In the meantime, a few news hits. KXEN sells something.  Hooray!  You know you’re in trouble when somebody buys your product and it’s news.  While the folks at KXEN celebrate a win, I must note that their

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SAS Analyst Conference: Take Two

Analyst comments about SAS’ 24th annual analyst conference continue to dribble out.   Ordinarily, events like this produce a storm of Google alerts, but this year the quiet speaks volumes.   Yesterday, Tony Cosentino of Ventana Research published his perspective on the conference, writing at length about SAS Visual Analytics; link here. Here are a few quotes from Mr. Cosentino’s

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SAS Analyst Conference

SAS held its annual Analyst Conference in Steamboat Springs, Colorado last week, an event that drew scant buzz from persons not on the SAS payroll.   For a good summary of major news from the event, check Cindi Howson’s post on the BI Scorecard blog (link here). A few key points: (1) SAS isn’t talking about SAS High Performance Analytics

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Analytic Applications, Part Four: Enabling Customers

This post is the last in a four-part series covering analytic applications organized according to how enterprises consume analytics. Part One (here) covered Strategic Analytics, or analytics that address C-suite questions and issues. Part Two (here) covered Managerial Analytics, which serve to measure the performance of products and programs at a departmental level, and to optimize the allocation of resources

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