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Quick News Hits

With SAS Global Forum coming up next week, I expect my Google Tracker to start pinging as SAS’ PR team gets to work.  In the meantime, a few news hits. KXEN sells something.  Hooray!  You know you’re in trouble when somebody buys your product and it’s news.  While the folks at KXEN celebrate a win, I must note that their

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Fact-Check: SAS and Greenplum

Does SAS run “inside” Greenplum?  Can existing SAS programs run faster in Greenplum without modification?  Clients say that their EMC rep makes such claims. The first claim rests on confusion about EMC Greenplum’s product line.  It’s important to distinguish between Greenplum Database and Greenplum DCA.  Greenplum DCA is a rack of commodity blade servers which can be configured with Greenplum

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Customer Endorsement for SAS High Performance Analytics

When SAS released its new in-memory analytic software last December, I predicted that SAS would have one reference customer in 2012.  I believed at the time that several factors, including pricing, inability to run most existing SAS programs and SAS’ track record with new products would prevent widespread adoption, but that SAS would do whatever it takes to get at

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