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Spark 1.1 Update

For an overview of Spark, see the Apache Spark Page. On September 11, the Spark team announced release of Spark 1.1.   This latest version of Spark includes a number of significant enhancements: As announced at the Spark Summit, Shark is now converged with Spark SQL.  Databricks has migrated its Shark workloads to Spark, and reports 2X-5X performance improvement. The

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SAS and Hadoop

SAS’ recent announcement of an alliance with Hortonworks marks a good opportunity to summarize SAS’ Hadoop capabilities.    Analytic enterprises are increasingly serious about using Hadoop as an analytics platform; organizations with significant “sunk” investment in SAS are naturally interested in understanding SAS’ ability to work with Hadoop. Prior to January, 2012, a search for the words “Hadoop” or “MapReduce”

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Notes from Strata 2013

Last week I attended the O’Reilly Strata 2013 Conference.    Here are some notes on presentations pertinent to analytics, in four categories: Vendors Users Technical Thought Provokers Vendor Presentations We wouldn’t have trade shows without sponsors, and the big ones get ten minutes of fame.  Some used their time well, others not so much.  I’ll refrain from shaming the bloviaters,

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Notes From #BigDataMN

Analytics conferences tend to be held in places like Orlando or Las Vegas, where it’s sunny and warm all of the time and there are copious incidental pleasures to fill the off hours.  I can’t speak to the incidental pleasures of Minneapolis in January, but warm it is not; peak temperature on Monday had a minus sign in front of

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