About ML/AI

Seasoned readers will note the name change. From ML/DL to ML/AI.

Why the change?

Because I’m bored with deep learning.

But seriously, deep learning is just one technique among many. And AI is a more inclusive concept.

ML/AI covers news and opinion about vendors in the space. I also cover open source projects to the extent they are suitable for the enterprise.

I work for DataRobot. Since I have an obvious bias, I don’t comment about DataRobot or tout company products on this blog. Views expressed here are my own.

I also don’t dunk on other vendors unless they deserve it.

What do companies do to deserve getting dunked on? Gasbaggery, for the most part. Talking about ML and AI without having a clue about it. Claiming to be a player in ML and AI without the requisite experience, products, or services.

It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

From time to time I may comment about the offerings of former employers, including SAS and IBM. (It’s a small world, and when you’ve worked for a lot of different companies it’s hard to avoid.) Invariably, if I don’t fawn all over their products I get labeled as “disgruntled former employee.”

For the record, I’d like to say that all of my employers treated me well and fairly. I have no personal complaints about any of them. At every point in my career, if a moved from one employer to another I did so for a better opportunity.

Readers who believe that there are errors in the content of this blog should contact me directly, or post in the comments. If you disagree with my analysis, respond in the comments.

Anyone is free to link to this site. Publishers seeking to syndicate my work are welcome to inquire.


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