ML/AI Vendor Roundup: August 2018

Product enhancements, customer references, partnerships, acquisitions, financials, or other significant news for ML/AI vendors in August 2018.

  • Announces general availability for Release 2018.3. Key new bits: interactive visualization; enhanced Spark integration; a Jupyter notebook for Python scripting. Andrew Brust opines.
  • Releases Q2 financials, revealing 54% YOY topline growth.
Amazon Web Services
  • Adds support for custom attributes to SageMaker model deployment endpoints.
  • Updates SageMaker prebuilt containers to support Apache MXNet 1.2, TensorFlow 1.9.
  • Announces SageMaker support for S3 datasets in the AWS Glue Data Catalog.
  • Publishes a Quick Start for SageMaker and a data lake.
  • Announces AI Application Hackathon, with cash prizes. Submissions due November 7.
  • Dell selects CognitiveScale to provide AI for customer experience management.
  • Announces strategic partnership with Snowflake Computing. In Forbes, Janakiram MSV reports.
  • Announces general availability of DataRobot Time Series for automated time series analysis and forecasting.
Domino Data Lab
  • Lands a $40M “D” round led by Sequoia Capital. In Forbes, Alex Konrad explains Domino’s appeal.
Google Cloud Platform
  • Publishes a roundup of recently added AI capabilities.
  • From July: GCP announces BigQuery ML, currently available in beta. Product Manager Sudhir Hasbe summarizes the new bits.
  • The Wall Street Journal reports IBM struggles with Watson. It seems that oncology is a little more difficult than winning a rigged game show. Medscape, Slate, pile on.
  • Releases GraphPipe for model serving. Stephanie Condon reports.
  • Offers sneak peek at Autonomous Data Science (, rebranded)
  • Releases RapidMiner 9.0. New bits include interactive data prep, improved time series analysis, new security and governance features, and new operators in Radoop.
  • Releases TransmogrifiAI, an automation harness for Spark ML, to open source.
  • SAS touts a new customer for SAS Viya in the public sector, the Wake County (NC) Revenue Department. SAS is a major employer in Wake County, FWIW.


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