Bottom ML/DL Story of 2016


Many thanks to readers who voted in the “Bottom ML/DL Story of 2016” poll. The choices were:

  • Amazon Web Services releases DSSTNE to open source
  • Dato rebrands as Turi
  • IBM rebrands an existing Spark service as The Data Science experience
  • IBM rebrands an existing SPSS service as Watson Machine Learning
  • IBM standardizes graph analytics on Apache Tinkerpop
  • Movidius launches deep learning on a memory stick
  • SAS launches SAS Viya
  • Teradata Aster finally gets around to supporting Spark
  • Any announcement with the word ‘Watson.’
  • “Our streaming analytics engine is faster than ________”

In third place, with 16% of the vote, is “IBM rebrands an existing SPSS service.” The second place finisher, with 20%, is “SAS launches SAS Viya.”

The winner, with 28% of the vote, is “Any announcement with the word ‘Watson.'”




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