Roundup 10/21/2016

Machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) content from the past 24 hours. Plus, some AI stuff.

Patrick Thibodeau reports that according to Gartner, by 2020 you will say more to a machine than to your spouse. Some jokes write themselves.

Methods and Techniques

— Tim Spann says that if you can learn to play Atari you can learn TensorFlow. WTF is Atari?

— Fujitsu announces that it has developed an approach to deep learning with graph-structured data.


— Baidu bets big on Xilinx FPGAs for machine learning.

Autonomous Vehicles

— Tesla announces that its new cars will include all of the hardware needed for level 5 autonomy. The software isn’t available yet but will be added through over-the-air updates.

— In The Washington Post, Michael Laris interviews Costa Samaras of Carnegie Mellon University, who explains the implications of Tesla’s announcement.

— Michael Alba analyzes automotive supplier Denso’s partnership with vision processing startup THINCI.

Marketing and Ad Tech

— Santanu Kolay of Turn says that AI in Ad Tech is bullshit.

— No it isn’t, says Doug Conely, Chief Strategy Officer of Exponential. Guess what his company sells.

— Linsey Morse explains machine learning to marketers. In other words, without math.

— Outsell adds ML-driven content personalization to its spam engine.


— In Wired, Matthew Reynolds describes how ML will supercharge cyberattacks.

— Dan Richman interviews Danny Lange, Uber’s head of machine learning, who discusses the role of ML at Uber. He says they use Spark MLlib.

— TravelBank uses machine learning to predict expenses for business travel, which seems like overkill. All they need to do to estimate expenses is add up the costs of the booked services and multiple the travel days by a per diem.

— Kim Kyung-Jin describes AI applications in banks.

— Speaking of banks, in American Banker, Penny Crosman describes AI-driven advances in authentication.


— Lexalytics releases Salience 6.2, which includes enhanced NLP for sentiment analysis. The software can also analyze text with emojis. 🙂


— Neurensic announces the availability of SCORE, an AI-driven platform for regulatory compliance in financial services.

— Loraine Lawson describes Sift Science’s ML-driven fraud prevention platform.

— CognitiveScale combines AI, Blockchain and Big Data for a buzzword hat trick.

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