Big Analytics Roundup (June 27, 2016)

We have announcements from BlueData, Databricks, and DataStax this week, plus a nice crop of explainers. Also, a bit of catch-up, something from May that I missed: Bob Hayes publishes an interesting summary of his recent survey of data scientists. Includes an infographic and slides.

Thiemo Fetzer asks: did the weather affect the Brexit vote? Spoiler: he says no.

Presented without comment: Medical Information Records, Inc, says it uses Microsoft Azure Cloud to reduce postoperative nausea and vomiting.

CFPs and Competitions

Flink Forward 2016, Berlin, September 12-14 (due June 30)

Spark Summit Europe, Brussels, October 25-27 (closing date July 1)

Parkinson’s Progression Markers Institute (PPMI) 2016 Challenge (due September 7)


— On the Databricks blog, Denny Lee and Jules Damji explain key Spark terms.

— Adrian Colyer explains chatbots.

— Aaron Schumacher explains how to get started with TensorFlow.

— Allan Engelhardt explains Microsoft’s R-based analytics capabilities.

— ThinkReactive’s Deenar Torasker explains visualization using HTML5, SVG, CSS, D3 and Javascript InfoVis Toolkit.

— Brandon Butler explains what’s inside Cisco’s Tetration analytics platform.

— On the BlueData blog, Anant Chintamaneni explains BlueData in the public cloud.

— Manjeet Chayel explains how to analyze streaming data from Kinesis with Spark Streaming and Zeppelin.

— More Spark Streaming: on the Cloudera blog, Jam Kunigk explains how to detect web traffic anomalies with Flume, Spark Streaming, and Impala.


— Robert Hof interviews Hortonworks’ CEO Rob Bearden but does not ask him about the company’s market value, currently about a third of what it was at IPO.

— GridGain plants a piece by CEO Dmitriy Setrakyan suggesting that Apache Spark and Apache Ignite work well together.

— Dave Ramel touts something called Koverse, which does everything.

— In The Register, Billy MacInnes assesses the new IBM. He doesn’t approve.

— In a surprisingly ill-informed piece, Serdar Yegulalp argues that four languages pose a challenge to Python: Swift, Go, Julia, and R.

— In Forbes, Bernard Marr summarizes a study which proposes to explain why analytics investments have yet to pay off. The study does not live up to its premise, as it fails to show that analytics investments have not paid off.

— Srini Penchikala reviews Big Data Analytics with Spark and interviews the author.

Commercial Announcements

— Databricks announces a strategic partnership agreement and investment from In-Q-Tel, a not-for-profit organization that supports the U.S. Intelligence Community.

— DataStax announces DataStax Enterprise 5.0, with new stuff. I don’t see anything really exciting not previously announced.

— BlueData announces availability of its EPIC Big-Data-as-a-Service on public cloud — AWS, Azure, Google and “other”.

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