Agile Analytics: Overview

Is this the year of Agile Analytics?  Recent publications show growing interest in the application of Agile methods to analytics:

  • Ken Collier, an Agile pioneer, tackles analytics in his aptly named new book Agile Analytics .
  • A quick Google search surfaces a number of recent blogs and articles (here, here and here)
  • Curt Monash recently published an excellent two-part blog on the subject (here and here)

I’ve commented in the past on IBM’s Big Data Hub about techniques that contribute to Agile Analytics, such as in-database analyticsopen source analytics and tighter integration with commercial packages like SAS.  In addition, I’ve commented on some of the barriers to agility, such as limitations of the PMML standard.

In this series, I’ll cover these topics

(1) What is Agile Analytics?

(2) What’s driving interest in Agile Analytics?

(3) What business practices enable Agile Analytics?

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